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Moving forward, we will see more and more changes in our cattle industry, as we know it today. As Brahman Breeders, we may have larger hurdles to overcome and greater challenges as we face the future. As you all know, we are but one, of some twenty-six breed in the United States alone. With this concept we must realize that each of these breeds are working for their position in the beef industry as well as the breeders market. As Brahman Breeders, we must strive harder to hold our position and work to produce those cattle which are of desirable traits and quality to our customers and most importantly, profitable.

Tiara Farms has grown from a small commercial cowherd to a breeding program of two registered herds, Registered Angus Cattle and Registered Grey Brahman Cattle. Although modest in numbers, our breeding program has been carefully planned with genetics that are powerful in performance and selective in pedigreed. We offer high profile genetics, and proven cow families which consistently breed quality from generation to generation. We breed for beneficial traits such as structural correctness, soundness, fertility efficiency and longevity. Our cattle are bred to produce beef – efficiently and profitable.

We are confident that from this program will evolve Brahman genetics that will make a positive contribution and strong impact on today’s beef industry as well as the future. At Tiara Farms we have carefully assembled a foundation herd of Brahman females with an emphasis on quality, efficiency, fertility, and productivity.

Our program is not complex, but it is effective. With any breed, good genetic decisions must be made. We must breed our cattle for efficient beef production without compromising quality. Fads and new trends come and go, but in the cattle industry, meat and muscling are always in style. Good Brahman genetics are in growing demand in today’s beef industry. As a breeder, developing the right kind of calf is an ongoing challenge. At Tiara Farms, our main goal is to produce those cattle with a strong emphasis on genetically-improved, high performance, top quality traits which will be an asset to the Brahman breed as well as to our customers. As we strive for maximum performance, we will never lose sight of producing the “right kind.”


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